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Shadows and Twilight -- 2

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Posted 15 December 2004 - 05:56 PM

Shadows and Twilight – 2

A few fights later, Ciryon and Trask found themselves on the bridge of the Endar Spire. What was left of it, that was.

“Damn,” Trask muttered. “It looks like they put up one hell of a fight.”

“Yeah.” Ciryon found herself agreeing. “Now what?”

Trask shrugged. The alarms stopped, and a new signal sounded. “Evacuate.” Trask said almost instantly. “Bastila must've gotten off.”

That was good news, Ciryon thought. She took point, heading towards the escape pods.

Two more fights later; Ciryon was nursing a blaster graze across her left leg. She stumbled as she ship shook once more, biting back a yelp.

“We'll get you patched up soon, Cir.” Trask promised. He paused at one of the huge blast doors leading into the engineering section. “Damn,” he snarled, “locked.”

“Let me try.” Cir limped forward, and pulled out a set of tools from her pack. Then she paused. “What's that sound?” It was a strange sound . . . a faint buzz of energy, one she half-knew . . . and it was coming from behind the door.

Trask shook his head. “Dunno.”

“Me neither.” Cir shrugged. The panel wasn't showing any major hazards behind the door, so she got to work. Three wires and one burned finger later, she got the door open – only to scramble back. A man stood there, a blood red lightsaber still gripped in a black gloved hand. There was a snarl on his pale face. The body of a fallen Jedi lay on the floor behind him.

“Run, Cir. Go!” Trask yelled. He unsheathed a vibroblade and stepped towards the Dark Jedi.

“Trask!” Ciryon moved to join him.

“No!” Trask slapped his hand down on the control panel. The blast door came down, locking her out . . . and him in.

“Dammit!” Ciryon could hear the sound of the lightsaber for a moment. Then she started to jog off, ignoring the tears that stung her eyes. She would have to find another way to the escape pod bays. Likely that meant the maintenance ducts. Though she'd likely be stumbling around, blind as a mynock.

A signal from the comm unit drew her attention. “Andture.” She slapped the unit.

“This is Carth Onasi,” the male voice said. Ciryon straightened. So there was a republic loyalist still alive after all. “I've been tracking your movements through the Spire's com system.”

“Great.” Ciryon snarled. “Can the sith do that?”

“Probably not.” came the reply. “It needs override codes that I don't think the sith have.”

“Good.” Cir said, “'cause there's a dark Jedi holed up in the engineering section. He might be able to chop through the blast doors, but for the moment, he's pinned.”

“What?– no, nevermind that now.” Carth said simply. “I'm guiding a bunch of survivors through the ductwork by comms to get around the sith.”

“Assuming they don't realize what's going on.” Cir added. She was limping along toward one of the central maintenance hubs.

“True.” he admitted.

She shrugged. It was better then staying here. And at least now she had a guide. “Alright, then. I'm outside junction J-39. What now?”

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