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Running the Shadows: Chapter Three, In A Maze,

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Posted 15 November 2004 - 01:41 AM

Running the Shadows: Chapter Three, In A Maze:

Annika grinned. Imoen's inventiveness in circumventing the mines, using falsified IFF overlays on a damaged picket carrier, and a host of small, one-man fighters, had earned the young girl attention. The question remained, was this a good thing? Considering their reward . . . She glanced around at the run-down city street. “Looks familiar,” she muttered. A group of cadets had been selected to participate in training. To say Annika was nervous would be a rather large understatement.

“Fentan, come in.” She didn't recognize the voice on the comms, as he called out the various cadets. It didn't sound like one of her instructors. There was an added challenge . . . they had yet to find their gear. There were seven different points where various gear had been positioned. The cadets had been given comm units and headsets, and two long knives. That was it.

“Fentan here.” It a female voice, one she didn't know, though she could have easily met whoever it was in training.


“Here.” That was a male voice, younger. He sounded familiar, though that meant little.


“Right here, boss.” Annika bit back a grin.


“H-Here.” The voice trembled, but was sure.


“Here,” Annika spoke, trying to keep the tremble from showing in her voice. There was something that didn't quite sit right with her, somehow, about this mission.


“H-here sir.”


“Right here,” Annika winced. She remembered Edwin vividly. Then again, she thought, he is somewhat . . . unsubtle.

“As of right now, cadets, there is a block on the comm system. You will no longer be able to speak to another cadet until you meet them in person. The object of this mission is simply for all of you to survive relatively unscathed.”

Great, Annika thought. So we have to find each other in this urban mess. Not a problem for me, but I wonder about some of the others.

“You have been given a maximum time of two days.” The voice continued. He was so emotionless that Annika wondered if Control might be a computer. “Further instructions will be given if and when necessary.”

“Understood.” Annika spoke into the comm before shutting it off and slipping it back onto her belt. Time to go exploring.

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