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Interludes in Suldenessellar - Chapter 2.7

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Posted 17 May 2004 - 04:27 PM

Author's Note: After what could very well have been a magical accident, Viga and his companions woke to find themselves in different bodies. Imoen, in Keldorn's body and Aerie, currently in Minsc's are currently working to try and confirm this by studying the silver sphere that hit them with the strange yellow light. Our tale continues... Now!

Note 2: Naming convention: Imoen/Keldorn means Imoen in Keldorn's body.

Disclaimers: Bad jokes and puns.

The two mages commandeered the dining room as their workspace, gathering parchments and writing implements. Imoen/Keldorn raided the bookcase for all of the language books and lexicons and then dumped them unceremoniously on the table. The clatter of tomes drew a reproachful glance from Aerie/Minsc as a book skittered into her pile of parchments, but she said nothing, quietly turning her attention back to the silver sphere.

As Imoen/Keldorn dragged one of the lexicons over to her, she tugged at ‘her’ tunic and asked, “Do you really think this little thing is responsible for all of this?”

Aerie/Minsc, still focused on the sphere, replied, “Th.. the evidence may be circumstantial, but there is a lot of it. The script will prove it or not, but since this symbol,” she said, pointing to one of the glyphs, “is a warning glyph, it seems very likely, Immy.”

“So that’s a warning glyph. Huh.” Imoen/Keldorn replied, arching ‘her’ neck to get a better look at the glyph Aerie/Minsc was pointing at.

Aerie/Minsc looked over at the mage residing in the knight. Shaking her head, she said incredulously, “I.. I still find it hard to believe that you never learned elvish.”

“Yeah, well I can speak it alright, never bothered to learn how to read it. Too much effort,” Imoen/Keldorn replied in the Seldarine tongue.

“Your accent is terrible.”

I think its exotic,” replied Imoen/Keldorn with an impish grin.

“I..it’s certainly different,” deadpanned Aerie/Minsc.

“Thank you!” Imoen/Keldorn replied cheerfully, ignoring her friend’s tone.

Aerie/Minsc sighed. “I.. I still just don’t understand why you didn’t learn at least one dialect, Imoen. You are a mage, you received a good education at Candlekeep.. I would think that the elven languages would have been an absolute necessity for you.”

“Hasn’t really been a problem until now,” Imoen/Keldorn said, shrugging. A wry grin tweaked the edge of ‘her’ lips as she continued, “I just never really needed it, so I never spent any time on learning it, Aerie. You know I've never been a cunning linguist."

“Come on Immy, you’ve got a good ear for music so you’d be a…” Aerie/Minsc trailed off and looked at Imoen/Keldorn closely. One thick eyebrow arched. “That was a pun, wasn’t it?”


“I..it was absolutely terrible,” Aerie/Minsc groaned. “That has to be one of your worst ever.”

Imoen/Keldorn stood and made a sweeping bow to her appreciative audience. Rolling ‘her’ eyes, Aerie/Minsc sighed, “Could we just please get back to work, Immy?”

“You didn’t like my joke?” Imoen/Keldorn asked, sticking out her lower lip in a pout and trying to look mournful.

Aerie/Minsc took one look at Imoen/Keldorn and burst out laughing. Greying eyebrows arching, Imoen/Keldorn demanded, “What’s so funny?”

Between chuckles, Aerie/Minsc coughed out, “It’s… hehehe.. the look.. hehehe…. It looks so… silly!.. heeheh *snort*”

Turning to face the mirror, Imoen/Keldorn made the same look she’d given Aerie. She couldn’t hold it long before she started too started to snicker. The ‘sad puppy dog’ face was so out of place looking on the old paladin’s face it was comical. Sniggering, she started making other faces at the mirror, both ‘women’ giggling harder with each face.

Wiping tears from ‘her’ eyes, Aerie/Minsc looked at Imoen/Keldorn, now posing with ‘her’ thumbs lifting ‘her’ nose up into a pig’s snout and ‘her’ tongue on ‘her’ chin and said, “Alright, Immy.. heh. We really need to get back to work. Unless you really want to stay in that body?”

“Umm.. no,” she replied, dropping ‘her’ hands and reeling ‘her’ tongue back in.

“Good, because I want my body back too. All this hair and bulk.. its very uncomfortable.”

All of it is uncomfortable, Aerie?” asked Imoen with a raised eyebrow and suggestive smirk.

“I…” Aerie/Minsc paused, digesting what Imoen/Keldorn said. Eyes narrowing slightly, she fired back, “I get the sense that you don’t mind being in that body as much as you said. I mean, this is your chance to have your very own knight in shining armor, and you don’t even have to prattle to get your hands on his body.”

Imoen/Keldorn’s eyes flew wide in shock and ‘her’ mouth work soundlessly. Pressing ‘her’ lips together, she shook ‘her’ finger in mock annoyance. Then, a grin broke out on ‘her’ face as she said, “Good one Aerie. I left myself open for it and BOOM, you lobbed the fireball right in.”

“I.. I guess you’re right. That was pretty good,” Aerie/Minsc said with a little, confident smile.

“Indeed,” Imoen/Keldorn fixed Aerie/Minsc with a polite smile and then started rolling up ‘her’ sleeves, “Of course, I will have to wreak bloody and cruel vengeance on you for impinging my honor like that.”

“Wh…wh.. wha?!” Aerie/Minsc replied in wide-eyed shock.

“Well, for your implication that I would have such dishonorable intentions to this body I am going to have to demand satisfaction,” Imoen/Keldorn replied levelly as she pushed back the chair and stood.

Aerie/Minsc’s quill dropped from her numbed fingers as she stared up at her friend. “I… I… I’m sorry. I… I… thought you thought it was f..funny. I.. I was just.. I.. I mean you’re always mooning over those knights in those stories, and you.. you said you always wanted your own Sir Snuggle-a-lot. S…so I thought… I.. I… I don’t want to fight you.”

“Then you will have to provide me with satisfaction so that my honor can be appeased. I am a knight you know,” Imoen/Keldorn replied, doing her right best to look as imposing as she could. The gray hair and weathered features made it a lot easier in the body of the old campaigner than in her own slight frame.

“A knight?” she repeated confusedly. Swallowing hard and wondering if Imoen’s words were another effect of the body switch, she asked, “O..okay. What do you want?”

“To appease my affronted honor,” Imoen/Keldorn haughtily pronounced, “you must deliver unto me..”

Imoen/Keldorn paused for effect.

“Cinnamon cookies!” she exclaimed, a huge grin splitting ‘her’ face.

Aerie/Minsc’s jaw dropped. “Cinnamon cookies? CINNAMON COOKIES?! Th..this was just another prank, wasn’t it?!”

“Yup. But I would really like some cinnamon cookies. I’ll even split em with you if you sneak them from the kitchen,” Imoen/Keldorn replied with a chuckle.

Aerie/Minsc rubbed one hand down ‘her’ face and fixed the smirking Imoen with an annoyed and long-suffering stare. It had little effect on the grinning knight. Then inspiration struck. Smiling, she said sweetly, “I.. If I didn’t like Keldorn so much, I would bring you those cinnamon cookies, and when you get back in your body, I’ll bring you all the cinnamon cookies you want. Y..you only need to let out your robe again to hide a few more pounds, but he’d need an armorer to help with the extra girth.”

Imoen/Keldorn blinked. “Umm.. you know, I’m just not really all that hungry any more. So, forget about the cookies. Why don’t we just get back to work?”

“Certainly,” replied a grinning Aerie/Minsc.

Imoen/Keldorn grabbed some parchment and flipped open one of the lexicons. Aerie/Minsc watched for a moment and then sighed in relief as it seemed that Imoen/Keldorn was actually working. Satisfied, Aerie/Minsc shook ‘her’ head and turned her attention to the sphere, slowly and carefully transcribing the glyphs.

A few moments later, Imoen/Keldorn looked up from her parchments. She studied the priestess in the ranger for a moment, contemplating something. Smiling faintly, she decided to let Aerie have this one. She’d gotten her twice and a few victories would help her friend immensely. But not too many. Couldn’t have her getting big headed. Smiling because she’d done her good deed for the day, she turned her attention to copying down the symbols on the far side.

Sucking on the end of her pen, Imoen/Keldorn contemplated the long day ahead of them. There were a quite the number of glyphs and translating them would take time. Then they would have to make sense of what they said. Sighing, she realized it could take all day.

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