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11. Tnt : A difficult choice...

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#1 Weyoun

Posted 05 January 2003 - 07:13 PM

Tnt : A difficult choice...

Such a gut-wrenching decision! Such a difficult choice! Such a dilemma! Such soul-searching would be required for this choice...

Ale or wine?

'The ale here is nice,' Laska thought as she sat at a table near the back of the Five Flagon's Inn. 'Then again,' she considered, 'the elven wines here are quite nice too...'.

She surveyed the crowd today. Three guards who were off duty after a long day, a few sailors and a burly half-orc... in other words, great potential for a lovely brawl!

'Hmmm,' Laska considered, 'Wine tastes better, but I get drunk quicker. I can drink a lot more ale before I have to head home... Then again, if I want to get into a brawl soon, I'd better choose wine and get more drunk while this crowd is still here... Hmmm, but if I come home and Rose is waiting for me,' she told herself, while picturing herself and Rose in various amorous embraces, 'I don't want to be too drunk from the wine when that happens... nor do I want to be sloshing about because of the copious amounts of ale in my gut during romantic moments...' Laska thought, leaning back on her chair and putting her boots on the table.

'Let's consider headaches... Too much wine and my head will feel like it's been hit in the head with a mace. Too much Ale and, well, the effect will be the same, only I'll have to go to the outhouse a lot more times than I have to go for wines,' Laska sighed. 'Damn, who could have thought going on a drinking binge could be so difficult?!'

"BOOTS OFF THE TABLE! WHAT?! YOU THINK YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO SITS HERE, BIG-EARS?! THERE'S OTHER PEOPLE HERE WHO LIKE CLEAN TABLES!" shouted a single halfling waitress with a nasty and high-pitched loud voice. Sheepishly, Laska complied and withdrew her booted feet.

'Okay,' Laska said as she watched the loud-mouth halfling walk back into the kitchen. 'Money-issue. My drinking budget is Two-hundred gold... Elven wine is expensive, so if I drink ale I can save up my budget for the next time. Then again, it's elven wine, so racial pride plays a big part... So many options and choices to consider.'

Laska sat for a moment, clearing her mind and looking blankly.

'Oh, screw it...'

"Waitress?" Laska asked. "Evermead and Tuz-Ale. And keep them coming!"

That's it! A shorty this time around. :)
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