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9. Elven Love poetry (Laska/Rose)

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#1 Weyoun

Posted 05 January 2003 - 07:10 PM

Writer's comment : As is custom among elves, intense feelings are often put into words in poems. So, this story is completly in elven. :oops: Using the dictionary made by the grey company. :oops:

But worry not, there's a translation below. :lol: The translation has 196 words (I think, I had to count by hand). The elven poem has some less words due to elven contractions. :)

I hope you like it! It certainly was a nice challenge...

Elven love poetry

Re kaila nardane e'ranquieamin, kaimien saiseere. Amin tyava i'urna sulare no'helmamin re'na amin kwara re tunga ar'ten'oio.

Melamin, cormamin... Rosamin.

Amin sana luume' a'miqula anotandoare. Re bela ai e'nanquena ar'bellenka a'amin. Amin tyava helmare maska thar helmamin re'na amin tessa thumban. A'firad lisse en'loskere maska, nanevare, amin vasa.

Amin il'nowe mela nauva ten'amin... nan'sii'amin sinta kai n'ataya. Anata amin uuma merna eile.

Re bela ai au, lirilla that quenatamin re'na re tessa'amin. Il dela, melissamin lisse. Amin varuya lle tuula'a'dome. Amin vakhuya tuula'cronan.

Lye Karnelien vore ten'oio dome'sina, sankanil en mela e'me'a isilme. Amin tessa tunga... ar'amin uuma il fainan. Mani nauya n'alailye? Amin uuma sintan. Uma mernad sintan? Iluve amin mernan irma naa lle. Mellle... Naien yassen lle...

Sal'amin utuneuya ilyamenie : Ed'Mandu! Sut uma lle termaran amada vee'amin?!

Ta naaya mela.


She lies entwined in my arms, sleeping peacefully. I feel the warmth of her breath on my skin as I hold her tightly and possessively.

My love, my heart... My Rose.

I take a moment to gently kiss her lips. She shifts slightly in response and inches against me. I feel her soft skin press against mine as I take her into a deeper embrace. The sweet smell of her soft hair, her nearness, consumes me.

I never thought love was for me... but now I know nothing else. And I don't want to know anything else.

She shifts slightly again, curling up against my body as she holds on to me. Worry not, my sweet love. I will protect you from the night. I will keep you safe from harm.

Our lovingmaking lasted an eternity this night, a dance of love in the light of the moon. I hold you tightly... and I never want to let go. What does the future hold for us? I do not know... Do I want to know? All I truly want is you. Your love... To be with you...

Still, one thing, I will always wonder about : How the hell do you put up with a fool such as I?!

It must be love.

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