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7. Size isn't everything

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#1 Weyoun

Posted 05 January 2003 - 07:09 PM

Writer's comment : Ah, a story about Mazzy, my very first fight-scene and another, ahum, sure way of dealing with male opponents. A shorty (no pun intended), born out of Luned's quiz about the short folk, written on my birthday. This was the story that would finally break me out of my fears to allow me to comment on other's stories as well...

Size isn't Everything
By Weyoun

'Girl, that pride of yours is going to get you killed one day.' Mazzy Fentan remembered her mother's words when she entered the fighing pit. What had she gotten herself into now? She looked upon the audience, looking in over the arena.

'By Arvoreen...That smelly lout must have called in all his friends to watch him tonight.' She thought wryly. Just then the orge known as Gorf entered the pit. He looked even bigger than he did on the streets of Athkatla. The ugly ogre, obviously an experienced pit-fighter, let out a loud roar to his many fans in the audience. The crowd cried for blood... Her blood, she realized.

"Put on your bets now, ladies and gentlemen! LAST CHANCE!!" The pitmaster roared over the hooting crowd.

As the men and women of the crowd harridly exchanged money for their bets, Mazzy looked over the hooting crowd one more time, and there, in a faraway corner around the pit, were her friends. Karis, the noble half-elven fighter/mage, though calm as he ever was, looked genuinely concerned for her safety. 'Maybe he's right about that.' She thought as she looked upon the hulking orge again. Minsc however, was clearly rooting for her, but his shouts of encouragement were mostly drowned out by the rest of the crowd. Nalia and Jan stood by his side, waving to her when she looked at them. Then there was the Drow, Viconia, sitting beside Karis. She hardly seemed interested in the pit-fight and mostly concentrated on the cup of Evermead in her hands. 'Black-hearted bitch...Doesn't she know I could die here today?' She thought. She respected Karis' judgment, not to mention his private love-life, but she truly wondered what he saw in Viconia.

The only weapons and armor allowed in the fight, were a normal short sword and a small shield. She wished she could have used her Short Sword of Arvoreen, but realized she had to make due.

"READY?.....FIGHT!!!!" The pitmaster cried. The Ogre Behemoth bellowed out an enormous roar of fury and stormed towards Mazzy. Gorf's huge sword swung to her head, but Mazzy managed to dodge the blow. She had an advantage over him... Gorf being an orge and the huge sword he wielded, made him considerably slower than she was.

When Gorf took another swing at Mazzy, she tried to block the sword with her shield, but the sheer force of the blow knocked the shield out of her hands. Gorf shouted another triumphant bellow and took another swing at Mazzy. Sometimes being short was a significant advantage. Mazzy dove between the behemoth's legs, rolled on her back and jumped to her feet.

Gorf let out a roar of pain and surprise as Mazzy stabbed her short sword in his rear end, drawing laughter from the crowd. "Go Mazzy!, GO MAZZY!" Nalia shouted from the side of the arena.

Gorf turned to face the halfling. He was so angry, that for a moment, she thought she saw smoke rise from his ears. "AAAAARGH, YOU DIE, YOU DIE!!" The orge shouted to her. 'Now you've done it, Mazzy.' She thought. Gorf swung his sword over Mazzy's head. She managed to block the blow with her sword, but the force of the blow almost knocked the sword out of her hand and sprained her wrist. She ducked out of the way again, rubbing her sore wrist. She couldn't rest for long though, as the Behemoth ran towards her again. This time, mazzy swung her short sword and made a deep cut in the orge's left leg. Gorf screamed in pain and took a swing at her head again. She tried to block with her sword again, but this time Mazzy's sore wrist caused her short sword to fly from her hand. It landed on the other side of the pit, too far away for her to reach. Gorf had her cornered into the back of the arena, and smiled a toothy grin at her.

"Now, YOU DIE, PIPSQUEEK." Gorf shouted in her face. This was it...This was the last draw. Anger flowed though Mazzy, as she was backed into the wall. "Don't.... CALL.... ME.... PIPSQUEEK!!!". That said, she backed into the wall and used it launch herself into the air. With incredible speed, she flew towards Gorf and punched her foot right into Gorf's unprotected groin.

For Gorf, all time seemed to stop. All the colours of the rainbow crossed before his eyes, but before he could say "Ooooh pretty colours", he was overcome with the most intense pain he had ever felt in his life. He grabbed his injured parts, trying to stop the incredible pain, but he found himself not being able to stand. He tried to shout a threat to Mazzy, but it came out as a soft groan.

Business in The Copper Coronet had come to a screeching halt. Not a word was uttered from the crowd, until...

"TIMBERRRR!" Jan shouted as Gorf toppled and fell to the floor with a loud thud.

"GORFY BABY..." The Half-Orc girl Bunkin shouted. Poor Bunkin. No night on the town for her this time. Bunkin ran to Gorf, who was trembling in pain on the floor.

"And the...um...winner....here...is...Mazzy, the Halfling.....here....Winners can collect....their money....umm...now." The pitmaster said, rather stunned.

Mazzy left the pit and walked over to her friends, all doubled over in laughter.

"Tiny-Paladin has given Righteous butt-kicking !" Minsc shouted.

"Diminutive you may be..." Viconia said. "But you've once again proven female supriority."

"Did you see...", Nalia said through fits of laughter."... the look on his face when you..." The rest of her statement was obscured by fits of violent giggling.

"Well done, Mazzy" Karis said smiling.

"Let's just get out this cesspool..." Mazzy said. "Those people there have lost a lot of money. They're boring holes in my skull with their eyes. And we still have to find your friend Imoen."

"Let's go to my home to celebrate with some of Ma's turnip-beer!" Jan said.

"Great..." Viconia said sarcastically. "Turnip-beer."

"I'll let you know many Jansens have risked their lives to get a sample of Ma's fresh turnip beer. She swings a mean dough-pin, you know. Once hit cousin Joost on the head. Poor cousin Joost never truly recovered from that. He's got this big dent in his skull you see, a big attaction to birds looking to build a nest. It doesn't help either, that since the incident, he wears a birdhouse on his head like a hat."

"Gnome..." Viconia said.

"But never mind that. Mazzy, you sure dealt out some vigilante justice on that orge. I remember a story about my great-great grandfather Rip van Jansen. He once drank to much turnip-beer, you know. He feel asleep under a tree and slept for fifty years he did. After he woke up, he left on a ten year quest to deal out vigilante justice on the scoundrel who had stolen his shoes. He eventually found them when..."

And the group walked to the Jansen home to celebrate Mazzy's victory. Gorf would never make fun of halfings again. His pit-fighting career was over, though.
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