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A Wizard and A Warrior: Blurbs

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Posted 30 November 2003 - 09:56 AM

Inspired by Sandalwood’s quiz, ‘Blurb This’, and written by myself and a co-writer.

A Wizard and A Warrior: Blurbs

Friends or Lovers?

Sometimes you have to take chances…especially when it comes to love.

When Edwin Odesseiron joined Kane Theaza’s adventuring party, he wanted nothing more than power and fame. He didn’t expect to find friendship and he certainly never expected to fall in love.

Convinced that his feelings are wrong, Edwin attempts to ignore them. Instead, he finds himself slipping deeper and deeper into depression, particularly when one member of the group discovers his secret and tells him exactly what they think of him. Terrified of everyone finding out, scared that they will all hate him; Edwin is driven to desperate measures.

But what will happen when things come out in the open? Will it really be as bad as Edwin feared or has he been worrying about nothing?

Whatever the Future Holds

You should never give up on a relationship just because you think it might not work out. You’ll only end up kicking yourself if you realise that you love a person only after you’ve lost them forever.

A Bhaalspawn warrior, powerful, short tempered, possessive of his loved ones, an ally of the Shadow Thieves with a dark past; a man known for being ruthless, but with a surprisingly gentle and compassionate side. A Red Wizard, sarcastic, intimidating, impulsive and intelligent, formally from Thay and fortunate enough to have a family there who love him. So different and yet so alike.

It appears that the relationship between Edwin Odesseiron and Kane Theaza is over before it really began when Kane decides that it would be best to end things. The two go their separate ways, only for Edwin to be captured by the Shadow Thieves of Athkatla, where he meets the young assassin, Cory, and Kane to end up in the dungeons of Irenicus. With both facing untold dangers, will they ever be reunited, and will Kane manage to admit his true feelings before he loses Edwin forever? And things get even more interesting when two very important assassins come into the picture.

The Nether Scroll Disaster

There is no such thing as an easy, or happy, life. Just when you think that things are going your way…something will happen to ruin all that.

There is trouble in store when Edwin decides to cast his precious Nether Scroll, despite warnings from his companions and his lover. But no one is prepared for the consequences, lest of all the impulsive wizard himself. After his transformation, he begins frustrating everyone by pushing them away. Will Kane tolerate this, or will he seek comfort elsewhere? Then there is the mysterious woman who has some information on Kane’s past that Edwin isn’t happy to hear. But is he overreacting, is it really as bad as he feared and can he find it in his heart to forgive and forget?

As Kane and Edwin struggle with the problems in their relationship, Benny and Viconia begin to grow closer. But the shapeshifter is wary of falling in love again and the drow is terrified of her feelings…will they ever manage to work things out?

And as the adventurers meet with Elminster, the Red Wizards and some old faces from the past, tangle with vampires and ally themselves with the Shadow Thieves, one thing is clear. The life of an adventurer may never be easy…but neither will it ever be boring.

The Darkness Within

Love hurts. That’s the truth, it can’t be denied. The real question is, is it ever really worth all the pain?

Both as arrogant and stubborn as each other, the relationship between Kane Theaza and Edwin Odesseiron was never going to be an easy one. So much seemed to be against them, their different upbringings, Edwin’s family, Kane’s past and their own fears and worries, and yet the love they feel for each other is deep and passionate and real.

Already they have been through much together, but their love will once again be put to the test as the journey to Spellhold and beyond begins. One man’s jealousy begins to grow out of control, past secrets are revealed, truth and lie becomes mixed as one, choices have to be made. And the two lovers face their toughest challenge when Kane loses his soul and falls under Bhaal’s influence once again.

Will their love be enough to keep them together in such dark times? Only time will tell…and their time is beginning to run out.

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