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Rush Of Blood To The Head, part 5.24.

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Posted 19 November 2003 - 07:39 PM

Rush Of Blood To The Head, part 5.24.

Slowly I raise my hands up to my face, the eerie light of the cavern is making the color of my skin seem paler as it would be in the daylight, but still I can recognize that those are my real hands, my real fingers… I touch my face and I don’t need a mirror to recognize that it is the face of the half-elf Theodur, not the one of Rindvel, the Drow.

However, it is not my change back to the old form that is my biggest cause of joy… Jaheira, as I love and desire her, stands in front of me once again, her head bent to side as she looks at me pleasantly bemused. Her sensual lips part forming that somewhat haughty smile of hers, her pale-blue eyes so full of desire that I can’t stop myself from dropping my weapon and drawing her into a tight embrace – her kisses are so forceful and passionate, such eagerness not witnessed while we were stuck in our drow forms…

“Ergh… pathetic, but I expected nothing less…” I vaguely hear Viconia’s snort, Jaheira’s tongue battling with mine for dominance and in the process, sending tingling impulses all through my body and I have only a faint idea about where we are and what is going on around us…

“Aww… I think it’s sweet… isn’t it, Vic?” Imoen chirps in an excited voice.

“Mirror… I need a mirror… have mercy… please tell me that one of you has a mirror,” Edwin gasps, “I need to see the wondrous epitome of handsomeness that is this Red Wizard and I have been devoid of this sight for far, far too long…”

“Sorry, Eddie… I think I left mine in the tavern and you won’t have me running back to fetch it,” Imoen giggles, “but you look as cute as ever…”

“I do? I mean, of course I do. It is only natural for one with such exceptional lineage as mine, though naturally I am the living ideal of perfection,” Edwin sounds rather happy indeed.

“Will you stop encouraging him? Compliments only make him more insufferable…” Viconia speaks, resigned.

“She was only saying the undeniable truth, something that you would do well to acknowledge too, Drow,” Edwin retorts.

“Ah, for crying out loud,” Viconia exclaims and whacks me on the back heavily, “would you mind letting go of that poor boy, you crazy druid? You’re sucking him dry, jalil… have you no sense of contentment? Leave something for later…”

“Eh… where are we?” I reply dazed, looking in Jaheira’s eyes that are sparkling with laughter, “um… never mind that… I think I remember now… I guess we should get moving, but… we should keep an eye out for a… umm… place to rest… I feel quite weary, truth be told…”

“I am not surprised,” Viconia snorts, “there should be plenty of places along the way for you both to satisfy your lust… I meant, ‘to rest’… The central tunnel should lead straight to the surface, but it could be a long walk yet, perhaps even a few days. There should be plenty of side-caverns along the way, but the main tunnel is easily recognizable thus we shouldn’t get lost on our way.”

“Good, let’s move out then… I would feel a bit safer if we would have put more distance between us and Ust Natha… but be on a lookout for a suitable cavern for resting…” I look at Jaheira and the promising smile she sends to me, makes me almost hop in the air in excitement…


We walk on for long hours, and I impatiently wait for my friends to start complaining about fatigue, but it just doesn’t happen. I think that they are simply doing this to spite me, since I am too bashful to suggest resting - the rest of them will only ridicule me for doing it because of selfish reasons. Well, they are right, I admit, sending a desperation-filled glance in Jaheira’s direction.

“Im? Are you sure that you’re not tired? I noticed you stumbled on a rock, back there…” I remark innocently.

“Nah, I feel pretty fresh,” the pink-haired sadist replies, “I could go on for miles.”

“Edwin? I thought I saw you leaning heavily upon your staff… are you sure you don’t need to rest? I mean, we need our best mage to be in top shape…” I try a couple of minutes later.

“Pah, I was merely using my staff to transfer the weight from my left leg to the right thus gaining momentum and accelerating on the way forward. My walking technique is absolutely flawless and perfect, not to mention that it is the least energy consuming. I could go on for an indefinite period of time, unlike you chimps,” the evil Red Wizard retorts.

“Er… Vic, aren’t you…”

“No, I am perfectly fine and I don’t need to rest quite yet, abbil,” the cruel Drow cuts me off at half-sentence.

I am unsure as to how many hours have passed as Jaheira now orders us to halt and points towards a hole in the side of the tunnel, likely one of those dead-end side caverns. I have no idea how Jaheira knew to pick exactly this one, but it is absolutely beautiful – after walking a little while through a small and dark tunnel, we arrive at a very large grotto which even has a small pool of water in the middle of it – though the water is extremely cold thus a swim is out of the question.

Viconia casts protective wards on the entrance to the grotto, so that we don’t have to waste our time by standing on watch. The whole cave is filled with twisted cavities and strange outgrowths and it doesn’t take long for Jaheira and I to locate a spot where we would be protected from the prying eyes of our companions, if they would try to be nosy and impolite…

I doubt that I have ever prepared my sleeping berth and gotten out of my armor as quickly as now… Soon enough we end up amongst the blankets, embraced and exchanging passionate kisses as my hands wander to sneak under her tunic. My hands move upwards, gently caressing her firm body and with delight I recognize all the familiar curves and secret spots where she likes to be touched… As I lift the tunic over her head, I become numb from the glorious sight that I have been forbidden to witness for too long… her body radiates such intense beauty that I am unable to take my eyes from it, so she lifts my chin and forces me to look in her eyes, breaking the spell.

“Missed me?” she laughs softly.

“Awfully…” I whisper, unable to take my eyes from her, “you have charmed me, Jaheira… and this spell will never break or be dispelled…”

“Oh, I will make sure of that, trust me,” she snickers, before forcefully pulling me closer into yet another intense kiss and I gladly comply… I feel her fingers exploring my body and impatiently freeing me from the last pieces of clothing and I return the caresses to her with an equal fervor. A gentle nudge from her forces me to lay down on the ground to watch her in awe as she positions herself atop of me and soon enough the world around us is set ablaze as the inescapable feeling of pleasure and satisfaction overtakes us…

We both have hard time of catching our breath afterwards - the time spent in the skins of Drow has almost made me forget just how intense the lovemaking with her used to be… Absentmindedly my hands glide over her damp back as she lays still, splayed over me… I press my lips against her forehead, tasting her salty sweat. Casually she slips down from me and makes herself comfortable in the blankets beside me.

“Gods… how I missed them… I mean, missed you,” I correct myself, unable to think straight…

“You were staring at my breasts, were you not?” she winks waggishly.

“Er… I guess I am too tired to think…” I give a guilty smile.

“In that case - shut up, kiss me and get some sleep,” she orders, but the smile stays put on her lips, “I am not quite through with you yet, tonight…” her words sound like a promise and when faced with such fascinating prospects, I find it much more sensible to follow her orders…


“Imoen? Imoen, why are you not sleeping?” Viconia asks quietly, looking at the pink-haired rogue, who sits cross-legged amongst her blankets with a thoughtful expression on her face, “Edwin’s snoring bothering you? I will stuck a sock in his mouth, if needed.”

“No, I can barely hear him from here…” Imoen replies, sending a glance to the sleeping wizard some distance away from her, mumbling something in his sleep.

“What is it then? Our mongrels have been at it again?” Viconia sighs.

“No… I believe they are quite done for tonight…” Imoen snickers, before turning serious once again, “did I wake you up, Vic? I thought I was quiet as a mouse…”

“That is unimportant now that I am awake. I asked you a question, however… and have not received an answer,” Viconia’s voice is filled with concern, a rare sentiment coming from her.

“It’s nothing, Vic… nothing. I was unaware that my quiet thinking might disturb your sleep… sorry for that… I’ll be a good girl and get some sleep now, okay?” the nervousness in Imoen’s voice is hard to conceal.

“Nothing… in the middle of the night, thinking over nothing… well, if you insist, Imoen,” Viconia watches as the young woman cuddles in her blankets, before leaning back into her own bedroll.

She finds it hard to find sleep again, however… strange, uncustomary thoughts fill her head and cause her to thrash in the blankets as if she would want to get out of her skin… because Viconia is afraid. And fear is the feeling that this proud and belligerent Drow has not experienced for what seems an eternity…

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